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Law & Forensics is Wilmington's leading provider of Computer Forensic Services. Our team has extensive experience providing expert testimony in a variety of legal proceedings, and we can help you present your case in the most effective way possible. Our team has conducted hundreds of forensic investigations and has provided expert reports and testified in proceedings globally. We use industry-leading tools and best practices to preserve the integrity of digital evidence, ensuring its admissibility in court proceedings.

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Extensive experience: in all areas of digital forensics including: Forensic analysis, Computer forensics, Cloud computing forensics, Internet of Things (IoT) forensics, Mobile device forensics, Server forensics, and Social media forensics

Our certified experts: specialize in uncovering hidden digital truths, providing unparalleled support in fraud investigation, trade secret theft, white collar crime, internal investigations, intellectual property disputes and complex commercial disputes.

Our forensics team: is well-versed in cutting-edge technology and proven techniques to extract and analyze electronic data from a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and other digital media.

Forensic consulting: We can help you develop strategies to prevent and respond to digital incidents.

Expert witness services: Our forensic experts can provide compelling and credible testimony to support your case.

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